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Top 5 Worst TNA Gimmick Matches

by Phil Canavan on September 24, 2016

We all love a good standard gimmick match such as a simple hardcore match or a simple cage match, but when TNA operated it wanted to be ‘The Alternative’ and therefore made alternations to some of the classic gimmick matches. Here are the top 5 worst gimmick matches in TNA!

#5 – King of the Mountain
So you take a standard ladder match and reverse it with the winner being the one who hangs the championship….WTF I hear you say…and what about if you get pinned you go in the penalty box…I still think 14 years later the rules are still not understood!

#4 – Monsters Ball
This was a hardcore match that Abyss competed in as it was his match before the match was made between two random wrestlers. There was nothing special other than Abyss may have used a barbed wire board or thumbtacks…nothing Mick Foley hadn’t previously used in WWE!

#3 – Match Of 10,000 Tacks
Scatter 10,000 thumbtacks in the ring and drop your opponent on them. Pretty much a hardcore match if you ask me….

#2 – Steel Asylum
This match was lucky not to come in at number one. A dome shaped cage sat over the ring with a hole at the top. This meant wrestlers had to virtually climb upside down to the centre then pull themselves through the whole. There were a lot of botches in these matches as wrestlers didn’t have the strength and often fell to the ring below!

#1 – Feast or Fired
Welcome to Money in the Bank with a twist. In the WWE’s Money in the Bank the winner is the person who grabs the briefcase and this earns them a WWE title shot within the next year whenever they want. The twist with TNA is that there are FOUR briefcases. Three of them contain championship matches, TNA World Champions, TNA X Division Championship and TNA Tag Team Championships, while the fourth is a pink slip. While we all know pro wrestling is scripted this match is made worse as a member of a tag team gets the tag title shot, a mid-carders gets X-Division shot while main event stars gets TNA World Title shot. There match has been shit on by the IWC for years yet TNA continue to do this stupid gimmick match!