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RANT ALERT: Are TNA Going Bankrupt?

by Phil Canavan on September 25, 2016

In 2002 Jerry & Jeff Jarrett started NWA:TNA as it was known back then but by the third episode they were in a massive hole financially until Dixie Carter and Panda Energy came to the rescue. Ever since the bail out there has been numerous reports about TNA going under etc etc but here they are 12 years later. Panda Energy pull their backing and Dixie is on her own and rumours swirl TNA is going under! Yet 6 years later here it is! Why do people who have no interest at all in TNA Wrestling keep making these false reports?

Think about it…if TNA had no money to pay production company or to run their next set of tapings, where has money come from to hire Aron Rex, the former Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes? Come on people think a little bit here. TNA have enough money to keep going so let’s stop with all these doom and gloom reports and let’s try and focus on the positive TNA has had recently!