The Smark Report

Dominant Wrestling Rant!

by Phil Canavan on January 29, 2017

Whoever was behind the booking of tonight’s two hour live special really needs their head checking.  Are they even wrestling fans? Do they know how tournaments work? Was the show put together by kids?  Was it booked on EWR/TEW before hand?


John Morrison is the reigning 5 Star Champion.  Before we start, that belt looks cheap and nasty.  It looks like it’s a kids toy belt.  You can’t say it’s because their not as big as TNA or WWE but come on, ICW’s belts are good so why can’t 5 Star’s be?  Anyway he comes to the ring and announces an open challenge.  Mysterio, Moose, Galloway, Nick Aldis, PJ Black, Carlito and Chris Masters all come out saying they want a title shot so the champion decides that there should be a tournament but he won’t be facing the winner…no he’ll be in the first match of the tournament.  Is it just me or does this not make sense?  Why would the champion throw himself into the quarter finals?  There’s something wrong with the booking here and it needs looking at for the next show.  This would have made sense if there was no champion.  You can’t even blame a last minute decision because ‘Money Grabbing’ Ryback didn’t turn up as Rey Mysterio took his place.  But there are other people on the poster who never made an appearance so maybe the fact is was on TV resulted in promotions pulling their talent.  Overall it was a bad setup.


Talking of setups what the fuck was with the seating setup.  There was no-one on the entrance ramps but fenced off large sections.  It looked like no-one was there.  Instead they stuck people at the top of the arena in the dark arena instead.  This was a simple case of booking a large arena and they thought they would fill the seats because it’s on TV but no, it was quite empty.  This may have kind of back fired as ICW had more people at it’s Fear & Loathing by the looks of it.  And also who was promoting this event?  I saw a video on PWInsider of Drew Galloway making the announcement but where was the UK promotion on billboards?  Spike/Channel 5’s fault or 5 Star Wrestling.  There website just linked to tickets for the event and not any hype whatsoever. I surely hope before the series kicks off they fix this or the season won’t get renewed!


At the end of the show they announced…get ready for this…128 man tournament and explained it’d be shown in the summer so I’m assuming that’s when the series will start and they’ll have loads of footage to use.  But they need to choose a name, it’s as confusing as TNA Impact and Impact Wrestling.  One minute it’s 5 Star Wrestling, then it’s Dominant Wrestling.  Morrison calls himself 5 Star Dominate Champion and everyone else says 5 Star Champion.  Personally for me the first show come off as a bit of a let down but if they get smaller arenas and book smarter they could have a good run but I feel there are bigger and better UK promotions out there that could have had that slot.


The Matches:

Qtr-Finals: John Morrison def. Moose
Qtr-Finals: Rey Mysterio def. Nick Aldis
Qtr-Finals: Carlito def. PJ Black
Qtr-Finals: Drew Galloway def. Chris Masters

Semi-Finals: Rey Mysterio def. Carlito
Semi-Finals: John Morrison def. Drew Galloway

5 Star Championship: John Morrison def. Rey Mysterio