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A Rant on Triple H’s Rant To Mick Foley

by Phil Canavan on March 15, 2017

“Hunter mocks the Mick Foley Cheap Pop.  He says he never would have brought Mick back.  He worked so hard to create the future so he did not have to look at so many has beens like you.  Hunter says Stephanie has a big heart and you amuse Stephanie.  Stephanie likes Mick and he tells Mick to mistake Stephanie’s heart for what she can do.  Stephanie is the business woman that Vince taught her to be.  You are about to go around the world telling stories about the man you used to be.”

First of all thanks to PWInsider for the transcript. Now Triple H says he’s creating stars of the future so he doesn’t have to see old wrestlers yet does he forget that at WrestleMania the show is actually full of has-beens. Take this year, the guy in the main event is doing doing 2 minute matches, Bill Goldberg. You also have The Undertaker is action who is really on his last legs. There’s guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and the list goes on that make a cameo appearance at Mania. The reason so many has-beens as Triple H called them is on, is because the McMahon have failed to make new stars, failed to create interested characters and failed to give people a reason to get behind someone.

There are a lot of great talent that don’t get the push and are left off the pay per views just so they can get the old timers in. If fans really want them over current generation then it really says the WWE is doing a horrible job of booking.

There’s a well known phrase that seems applicable here….POT KETTLE BLACK! Why? Because Triple H is also a has-been that needs a yearly Mania moment too!